We automate revenue-cycle management (RCM) tasks to free providers to focus on their patients. Our solution handles coverage requirements and generates letters automatically.
About Docaug

Transforming Healthcare with AI

At Docaug, we’re at the forefront of healthcare innovation. With a deep passion for merging the capabilities of artificial intelligence and healthcare, we are dedicated to augmenting healthcare providers with cutting-edge solutions.

Our team of experts strives to bridge the gap between technology and healthcare, enhancing patient care and operational efficiency. We believe in a future where healthcare is more accessible, efficient, and accurate. Docaug is committed to making that vision a reality, one AI-powered solution at a time.

Our Vision

At Docaug, we envision a world where RCM stays out of the doctor’s room. Our mission is to alleviate the administrative burden from providers, one task at a time.

Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

Docaug’s services seamlessly merge AI and healthcare, enhancing patient care, operational efficiency, and diagnostic accuracy.

Automatic Coverage Determination

Coverage determination (NCDs, LCDs and private insurerer’s policies) can be a pages-long list of complex criteria of if and when will you get reimbursed for the care you provide. Docaug translates the coverage requirements to simple language and shows what the provider needs to do make the patient qualify. It can run at any time during the encounter to make sure everything is ready to submit the claim or prior auth request.

Automatic Medical Necessity Letters

Don’t waste time writing medical necessity letters for prior authorization requests. Provide just the service and the patient information and Docaug will generate the letter completely automatically. No more creating and maintaining templates – Get a ready-to-send letter for any service and carrier at a click of a button.

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